Holly Hagan’s Booty Camp - The Complete Bum Workout

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Everybody wants a good Booty nowadays and theres only one way you can get one, with Holly Hagan's Booty Camp: The Complete Bum Workout. Since transforming her body from head to toe Holly has had to do hundreds of workouts, eat healthily and get her assets in order. Well one of her best assets is her bum since she blew up the internet with her amazing Belfie (bum selfie FYI), and now she's letting everybody in on just how she got her behind to look so good! Holly's Booty Camp is a handy guide that will literally give you everything you need to know to get a good bum.

It's filled with step by step exercises that are sure to give you the perfect derrière, not only helping you get rid of that unshapely bottom but giving you a firmer, perkier and rounder behind so you can take the perfect Belfie and show off what you worked so hard for! Oh, and its also in a handy size so you can slip it into your gym bag without a problem and use it on the go!!