Holly Hagan’s Tighter Tummy in 20 - The Exercise Guide

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A lot of people are unhappy with their weight and the way they look, but many don't do anything about it. One person who wasn't happy with her body and decided to make a change is our favourite Geordie Holly Hagan. After her hugely successful weight loss journey Holly is back to share her secrets in the latest instalment in her diet and exercise series, Holly Hagan's Tighter Tummy in 20!

It's no secret Holly's body has changed over the past few years, the girl who once referred to herself as a 'baby elephant' has kicked herself into gear and is only moving forward, and with this book you can too! This guide gives you all Holly's tips, tricks and secrets to getting a tighter tummy in no time with the step by step exercise guide she herself used to get the body she's always dreamed of!

With 20 exercises to choose from you'll have that tight tummy in no time!!