Holly Hagan’s 25 Seriously Low Carb Meals - The Recipe Book

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Holly Hagan's 25 Seriously Low Carb meals is the latest book in Holly's diet and exercise series. After Holly's amazing transformation from the girl we first saw walk into the Geordie Shore house everybody has been asking the question, how did Holly do it?

Well Holly is revealing her secrets in the latest instalment of her series with her recipe book 25 Seriously Low Carb Meals. Everybody loves carbs and we need them to fuel our body, but a lot of people overeat carbs which can be very bad for your health. This recipe book is filled with Holly's top 25 low carb meals that are stuffed with flavour and goodness, but have a low amount of carbohydrates to stop us binging and overeating and keep our diet balanced and healthy.

Each recipe comes with its own nutrition guide so you know exactly what you're eating and can control your carbohydrate intake as easily as possible!