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Holly Hagan Transformation
– credited / copyright HollyGShore Instagram

Just look what Holly’s achieved over the years.
She knows her way around sustained and maintained weight loss.

No messing about, there’s one goal and it’s to lose 5 pounds in just one week.
Written with fitness and nutrition expert Ashley Lucas.
Tried and tested by Geordie Shore Holly Hagan, check out her Instagram.
All the information and instructions you need to shift that weight, all you need to add is the will power.
Easy to follow, step by step process, no special equipment needed

Holly's Inspiration

About The Expert: Ashley Lucas

With our expert co-author Ashley Lucas having trawled through endless studies on calories, fat burning and nutrition you’re in good hands.

Ashley is a full time Personal Trainer in Liverpool and through the years has stepped in periodically to help both train Holly as well as write her diets and at home training schedules.

Ashley has worked with hundreds of clients who’s goal is to drop weight and fast for a special event, such as a wedding, party or holiday and he’s well used to helping each one of them achieve that goal.

In addition, Ashley has competed as a fitness model, so stripping fat from his own body in the final days before a competition is vital.

In this MagBook Ashley has applied those same principles and years of experience from his own body as well as his client’s, so what are you waiting for? Ready to train and diet?